martes, abril 27, 2010

The Foundations of Two

It’s a beautiful day, when the city is endless and the eclipse rises hard upon us, our thoughts and sorrows. There is time for our grief and pain, to change, transform, and be the matter we are suppose to be, because our eternal sleep sighs deeply in the unforgotten. The smile of your face lingers in the dark night, who screams full of emotion, envying our feelings, kneeling upon the kiss. Perhaps because we walk alone, and don’t stop to meditate the moment of joy that electrifies like a shock of lighting and streams our body. Walk beside me, now that time is shuttled to other galaxy, it stops like ice in the air, and our faces conceive each other. The search, the awareness, the pillars of our own ill close together in the past. Come by me when you are clear of your tricks and you are able to show yourself, undisguised, trustful and merciful. The lights of the buildings keep bright, ending above the horizon. It is short, and I know, so let it go slow, secure and let it flow under the reality and dreams, and perhaps interrupted.
But you turn back, showing the skin, smiles once again and walks toward another light, leaving me deserted in the black. Closing forever your inner most, locked for visitors and trust, mist is expelled off in your words. Suppression for two, forget the tea, it has been past five, and tonight I feel lonelier, waiting for the unrehearsed act. The moon looks down feverish, red and upset. In disgust, and regret I must say, I look around myself, everything seems sharp. The glass moves with each touch, before it falls to the ground in pieces, infinite number of puzzles. No discussions are done, only to wait how time passes by, wasted precious time.
And now, when eyes are open and heart is fallen, I rise, step up, and walk. Move a pair of cold feet. And I walk and look around, and find your face beside me, walking rhythmically, I smile while waiting, waiting, waiting for your lovely speech.

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DanielPérez dijo...

Cualquier cosa relacionada con la realidad, es pura coincidencia.

For you, bueno, quizás sin el segundo párrafo, para que no se le quite el romanticismo :P
Loveyou N.

Gracias por leerme bloggeros :)

Valery dijo...

A ver... Deja ver si entendí, la volviste a ver??..

Me ha encantado las metáforas suenan bien lindas.. como siempre un placer leerte, aunque mi ingles no es tan bueno.. entiendo, más prefiero decirte lo que pienso en español.. jajja..

Un gran beso dany!

Anónimo dijo...

Daaaaaaaani <3

Belén dijo...

Cuando estás enamorado, siempre lo ves todo tan bonito...:)


DanielPérez dijo...

VALERY: Sí sí Val, yo soy amante de las metáforas también, por eso trato siempre de ponerlas en mis escritos para enriquecerlo y darle sentido. Besos Val :)


BELEN: Totalmente ;) Besos Belén :)

Nahahya dijo...

Veo y siento que estás enamorado???

¡Qué alegría!

Te ejo un abrazo silencioso con aroma canela y coco,


Felipe Remolina Garcia dijo...

OE si ve? a eso me referia, ud podia hacelo, mejor!! eso esta bien!!! Me gusta bastante, :) ME is proud of ya

DanielPérez dijo...

NAIA: Gracias Naia, eso ando ;)

PIRI: Better.

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